SAM Labs 2020 全球STEAM编程锦标赛获奖名单

日期:2020-05-28 11:47:04 / 人气:1386

Congratulations to our Winners!

Congratulations to all of our hardworking and incredibly talented participants who submitted projects to this year's Creators Competition Season One!


The votes are in and below we have our final list of winners for this season.

While voting may have finished, don't forget:


Saturday, May 30th at 8am PDT is our Global Livestream!

We'll be airing *all* projects to showcase all your hard work and announcing our winners on the stream! Can't make it? Don't worry, we'll save the recording and email it out after the stream is complete.


After the livestream, we'll email you your certificates of participation and any awards you won. Just check your email by Monday, June 1st and look for an email from SAM Labs!


SAM Labs will also put together a gallery website to show off all of the amazing projects put together by each participant to show family and friends your work! Look for another email from us closer to the livestream to access the page.










我们将播出* all *项目,以展示您的辛勤工作,并在直播中宣布我们的获奖者!无法做到吗?不用担心,我们将保存记录并在流完成后将其通过电子邮件发送出去。


直播结束后,我们会通过电子邮件向您发送参与证书以及您所获得的任何奖励。只需在6月1日星期一之前检查您的电子邮件,然后查找SAM Labs的电子邮件即可!


SAM Labs还将组建一个画廊网站,以展示每个参与者共同为家人和朋友展示您的作品而制作的所有令人惊叹的项目!在靠近直播的地方寻找我们发送的另一封电子邮件以访问该页面。





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