SAM Labs 2020 全球STEAM和编程锦标赛作品征集

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STEAM代表科学(Science),科技(Technology)工程(Engineering),艺术(Arts)和数学(Mathematics)。在教学和学习过程中,将上述学科融会贯通,学生就可以学习并且应用更多的实用技术。为推广STEAM的教育理念,强化少儿编程水平,山姆实验室(SAM Labs)决定举办山姆实验室第一季的全球STEAM和编程大赛。

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics. It’s by including all of these subjects together when teaching and learning that students can learn and apply real-world skills. To promote STEAM education and enhance kids’ coding ability, SAM Labs Global Creator Competition Season One is live.


a. 使用山姆实验室的STEAM和编程套装


b. 概念设计挑战赛


a. STEAM and Coding Using SAM Labs Kits

In the Primary Format, students can use the SAM Labs Alpha Kit, STEAM Team Kit,STEAM Maker Kit or Learn to Code Kit for their entries. The number of SAM Blocks used is unlimited.There are no restrictions on the structural building materials used. Participants are allowed to use all available materials including paper, metal, 3D printed models, as well as building blocks or products that integrate from any brands readily available in the marketplace that integrate with SAM Labs (i.e. LEGO™or Sphero™).

b. Prototype Challenge

The secondary format available for students is the Prototype Challenge. This format does not require the use of any SAM Labs kits, blocks or applications. The only required materials for this challenge include basic materials such as paper, pencils, markers, crayons and other common classroom/office supplies. For this challenge, students will sketch out a prototype using the supplied block directory of SAM Labs blocks, behaviors, inputs and outputs and exemplify how a project would work in detail if it were to be constructed using hardware.


1.   *不超过5张的作品照片(包括成品照片和程序照片)

2.   *设计作品的标题

3.   *作品的总结介绍和使用介绍说明(不超过600字)

4.   *小组成员名单(如果是以小组形式参赛)

5.   *作品的标志设计(可选,非必要项目)

6.   *作品运行状态的短视频(可选,非必要项目)

上交时候必须附上文字说明详细介绍概念模型设计如何工作运行,以及作品和本届竞赛主题的关系。完成版的SAM SpaceWorkbench程序可以以截屏形式上交。上交的格式为PDFJPG或者PNG,最后总文件的大小不超过1GB

1.Up to five pictures of their project (can include iterations and final photos)

2.A title of their project

3.A written summary of their project and how it works (600 words max)

4.Other teammates names, if applicable

5.A logo of their project (optional)

6.A video clip of their project in action/being presented (optional)

Submission must be accompanied by a written description that describes in detail how the design concept works and its relevance to the main topic of the theme. Final SAM Space or Google Workbench code submission is strongly preferred by screenshot. Submission must be in PDF, JPG or PNG form and file size limit to below 1GB.







Junior Category, Age 6 to 11:

The participant must be born between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2014

Senior Category, Age 12 to 16:

The participant must be born between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2008

Participation in this tournament requires parental permission for children under the age of 16. And please complete the Creators Competition Parental consent form and submit to











Registration Open:

Friday, April 10th - Friday May, 1st 2020

Competition Begins:

Friday, April 24th 2020

Competition Ends:

Sunday, May 17th 2020

Awards and Prizes Announced:

Sunday, May 24th, 2020

All above are EDT.



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